The Abundant Self-Healer

Reclaim body wisdom & create sustainable self-care to discover your innate power, presence, & freedom.


What to expect

A 7-Week Group Course

  • Weekly 60-minute live group Zoom calls

  • Private Facebook community providing like-minded support and encouragement

  • Guidance through weekly embodied practice, journaling reflections, self-inquiry exercises, breathwork, and awareness practices.

  • Option for one-on-one voice messaging support throughout the seven weeks


Who is the abundant self-healer?

She knows herself. She knows and loves her body. She feels free. She has been through a lot, and yet she keeps showing up. She is resilient. She is focused and determined, and ready to take on her purpose in presence and with power. She understands her body, its language, its needs, how to flow with it and support it moment by moment. She knows that her body is her healer. She is continually learning to allow its messages, honor its truths, and give it space to be her alchemist, her magician, the catalyst of her inner and outer transformation. She is brave as she makes space to unpack her fears, remembering she is made for more than limitation and disconnection. The abundant self-healer says yes—to her true experience, to the reclamation of her power, to the unearthing of her wholeness. She sees and she knows, that the return home to her body is her greatest gift.


Who this course is for

This course is a good fit for you if...

  • You're ready to step into your innate role as a powerful self-healer

  • You are ready to show up for yourself consistently in a more easy, loving way

  • You're ready to unblock your limiting patterns to fully embody who you are

  • You're tired of fighting with your body and eager to start working with it

  • You're curious about the mindbody connection and how your mind and body can heal one another

  • You're seeking a more compassionate relationship with yourself and your body

  • You're unsure about what your body needs—rest, movement, food, etc.—and want to understand how to better take care of yourself

  • You've tried “mindfulness” but it didn’t work for you

  • You're tired of stress running your life


NEWSFLASH: You can heal

Your body holds your healing power.

Body knowledge is body power.
You do have the ability to heal yourself, your patterns, your mind, and your body—

your ability is innate and infinite.
Approaching your personal growth & healing from a root-cause, trauma-informed perspective

will revolutionize how you treat yourself and exponentially increase your capacity for transformation
Let’s reframe the mindfulness to actually unravel your triggers and heal your patterns.


If you’ve been thinking about diving deeper into self care to manage your stress, get to know your body, and heal yourself, now is the time! I have spend years studying and applying this practice of authentic, embodied self-healing. This is a pilot course, and it will never be this inexpensive again.


Jannae Groeneweg

Responding to one of Savannah’s posts about mind-body coaching and healing was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I was nervous and had no idea if it would even “apply” to me and my life, but I soon realized how absolutely amazing this work is. Savannah has showered me with love, wisdom, and so many tools/resources (breathing techniques, mediations, non-judgmental observations and affirmations) that I can use to help access my inner strength and better align with myself. All that and along with her kindness, intentionality, and authenticity, she has created a safe space for me where she helps to guide and nurture my healing and growth. It is truly a beautiful experience.
My healing journey is continuous and always evolving but it wasn’t until recently I was able to tap into my very own love, joy, and compassion that is limitless and overflowing. Savannah has been an amazingly positive influence for me inside and outside of our sessions. My appreciation for all the time, support, and care she offers is out of this world. Thank you!💛

What's this course all about?

Here's what to expect

the big picture

  • 7-Weeks

  • Live weekly group Zoom video calls

  • Invitation to a private Facebook community for ongoing support

  • Guidance in embodied home practices, including breathwork, journaling, movement, and awareness practices

  • Option for deeper one-on-one ongoing support throughout the course

I'll be guiding you through...

  • How to establish sustainable, compassionate, consistent self-care practices

  • How to sync up with our nature to live in true alignment with ourselves

  • The practical side of the mindbody connection

  • The nervous system, stress, and how to it can be your greatest healer

  • Building resiliency to heal yourself through a trauma-informed lens

  • Foundations of wellness: rest, move, and nourish to create abundant wellness

  • And more!

And we'll dive into...

  • The powerful design of your body—breath, digestion, nourishment, heart, brain, and more

  • Revolutionizing your inner dialogue from shame & self-judgment to self-compassion

  • Releasing the habits that are keeping you stuck

  • Engaging with breath, awareness, and movement

  • Inviting intuition and nature into all aspects of life

  • Learning how to feel

  • Breaking self-sabotaging patterns

  • Harnessing the powerful of the nervous system

So that you can...

  • Reclaim your personal power to feel and express

  • Access the physical and mental spaciousness you’ve been seeking

  • Understand your body’s needs

  • Honor yourself through consistent self-care practices

  • Transform your unconscious, unhealed stress and trauma reactions

  • Find freedom to choose

  • Finally free yourself from health and wellness “shoulds”

  • Reconnect with your innate rhythms and access your wildest energy

  • Live in your alignment and flow


"I’ve been an anxious person my whole life, but recently experienced traumatic events that, unbeknownst to me, showed up in my mind, my relationships, and most of all in my body. I didn’t understand how it all related, and neither did the doctors I had already seen (or they didn’t take the time to try and explain it). I was misdiagnosed and medicated for issues I didn’t actually have. The first time I opened up to Savannah was the first time I felt hopeful and understood. I actually believed I could get healthy again. She listened intently, confirmed I wasn’t crazy, and educated me on the miraculous and beautiful connection between the human body and the mind. I no longer feared it, but became curious. She helped me become an advocate for my body and led me to freedom, which was all I really needed to feel like myself again."

Elyse Judkins, Client


The Abundant Self-healer

Start date: June 10th, 2020
Registration period: May 18th-June 9th
Classes will be held LIVE on Zoom video calls.
Total value: this course is worth over $1400, but I am offering it at a small fraction of this cost.


What you'll walk away with...

More freedom in your body
More presence in your mind

Radical, life-changing self-compassion

Knowing you possess the power to transform

Reconnected to your intuition and personal power

Equipped with strength to move through waves of emotion, resistance, and pain
More access to your internal resiliency offering you capacity to live your highest vision

A deeper understanding of your body—what she needs, how she communicates with you


Join my live videos!

  • Breathwork for calm, energy, and intention

  • Transforming emotions to find freedom

  • Envisioning your resilient self

  • Eating, moving, and resting intuitively

  • How to support natural digestion

  • The causes, effects, and solutions for trauma

  • Stress management that actually works

If you can’t make it to the livestream, not a problem. You will have access to the replays.


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Pricing Options

Early Bird

1 Payment of $222

Available until May 25th

Regular Price

1 Payment of $333

Payment Plan

3 monthly payments of $120
Total $360


I'm Savannah.

Mindbody Coach & Biofeedback practitioner with a passion for inviting you to remember your innate, infinite potential for healing.

I help my clients build intimate, loving relationships with their bodies & healing journeys.

Through my own years of struggle with resistance, self-sabotage, self-abandonment, disordered eating, gut & skin issues, and overall restlessness, I have learned what it means to come home to my body to heal my whole. I have learned that body knowledge is embodied power. I embarked into Naturopathic Medical school, became a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, and have trained extensively in Mindbody Medicine and Biofeedback modalities.

My deepest joy, passion, and expertise is in the awakening of our inner power, healer, and alchemist through self-awareness, self-compassion, and practice of radical, unconditional acceptance.

Profile 2020.02.jpg

I invite you to join me on this wellness journey to discover how you can finally step into mindbody freedom that feels authentic, aligned, and whole. You don’t have to resist anymore. With a little understanding, a lens of curiosity, and a whole lot of kindness, you can become your own best medicine. You can become your own embodied healer.


Recent Testimonials


I started working with Savannah at a time where I had a lot of anxiety around my physical health.  She created a space where I was able to unlock the root cause of my anxiety, my physical response and why I was experiening it at this time. Having unblocked years of suppressed emotions and survival mechanism, I was able to start healing, living and breathing again. I began trusting and managing  the information my body was giving me (pain) coming back to a sense of reality and security. Learning the mindfulness practice, functional breathing and imagery that worked best for me, I was able to avoid many ER visits and anxiety attacks.  One of the most powerful session occurred while I was on day 2 of terrible migraine in which I couldn’t even open my eyes ( my eyes were closed for 30 mins of the session ) and by the end of the session I had zero pain! And experience no migraine after this.

Savannah’s interest in healing, understanding of the nervous system and compassionate care were vital in my healing journey and I am forever grateful for our work together.

Elidania Perez, Mindbody Coaching and Biofeedback Client

Savannah has the unique ability to help you find an anchor that is easy to use during times of distress. She creates a space that allows for ease of conversation in relation to difficult topics, which we found through walking around aimlessly. She meets you where you are to help you find your superpower.

Shayna Keller, Colleague

Savannah is a very talented mind and body coach. Even though our sessions were video I could tell she was very intuitive. Savannah pointed out and helped me investigate with compassion certain behaviours that were coming from a state of surviving trauma that I thought were just embedded within me. She taught me to keep myself safe in my body even through distress. With her coaching I have come so far in such little time. I believe I can heal fully and am not a victim of my environment because of her. Thank you.

Alice B.W., Mindbody Coaching Client

So in the introduction session with Savannah there was a lot accomplished, even with much of the time devoted to me sharing my stories. She was very patient with me, holding space and honoring me while able to extract the pertinent details to help pinpoint the underlying root causes.

She demonstrated a clear understanding of the nervous system and was able to communicate it effectively to me to make it applicable, giving me the tools to continue my own healing and the direction to continue my own studies in it.

Not only did she demonstrate her knowledge but also a very kind demeanor during the session and going the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of before it was over.

I am excited to see how she continues her practice as she graduates from Bastyr and goes  forth into the larger medical community.

Connor Kirchhof

Save your spot!

Pricing Options

Early Bird

1 Payment of $222

Available until May 29th

Regular Price

1 Payment of $333

Payment Plan

3 monthly payments of $120
Total $360


A Deeper Dive

Want more support through the duration of the course?

Just 4 spots are available for this opportunity.

Receive full access to The Abundant Self-Healer,

Plus one-on-one coaching through voice messaging support for the duration of the course,

And a one-on-one 30-minute strategy session.


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Participate in The Abundant Self-Healer with one-on-one coaching support throughout the course

Pay in full

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4 bi-weekly payments of $200


The Abundant Self-Healer

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